Monday, 19 May 2014

25 Posts of Happyness

I'm not a narcissistic person by nature. I mean not particularly. I mean maybe just a little. OK fine! I can't walk past a mirror without looking at myself and I swear I'm attending regular NA (Narcissistic Anonymous) meetings near me.

Coming back to the point ( I'm the queen of digressions), since this is going to be my 25th blog post in what 2 years (big feat I know) I wanted/needed to make this special. So as the king of all stereotypes go, I decided to take a trip down nostalgia avenue and read the first 24 posts. I mean if I have the audacity to inflict my writings on others, it is only fair I be forced to read it too from time to time.

Reading the 24 blog posts was really good for me. I was appalled at the average 2 typos a post, but what was more important than the typos (and that's saying a lot since I'm a grammar Nazi!) was the warm gooey feeling I got with each blog post.

In one of my previous blog posts I mentioned that I write these posts more for me than for anybody else and by virtue of that I believe that I'm my own worst critic. Reading my blog made me proud. It gave me the courage and pride to write this post.

I'd started penning this blog because someone at work basically forced me to. However after about 2 posts I started falling in love with this medium of communication. After that I decided that my blog would have one sole purpose, to make anybody who comes across it (including me) happy. By reading any given post, someone who was having an otherwise crappy day would smile, would feel happy for a bit. That is why I am so choosy about my topics. It is why I have written only 25 posts in two years. However, Today I can truly say that my blog fulfills that purpose. As I read through each post, I felt happy. Not because this is my blog but because of the stories it tells, of the people it talks about.

Today for the first time I feel truly blessed to be able to write. As important as it is for others to appreciate my work, I feel it is equally important for me to take pride in it. Even though I write so sporadically, and I'm not saying I won't from now on, I want people to know that this blog is important to me. In past posts I've called this blog the balm to my battered soul, and after reading my past posts that belief has only quadrupled. Now more than ever I feel blessed to be able to express myself in words.

Finally this post wouldn't be complete without thanks to you. Yes you, the one reading this, I thank you for taking the time out of your life to read it and go on the crazy journeys I describe with me, because no matter how much I talk about this blog being for me, the written word is never truly and entirely for oneself. It is for the reader, much more than it is for the writer, especially for narcissistic writers like me!

And so my dear blog here's to you. Without you there would still be me, albeit a much duller and boring me.


  1. Are you sure you are attending the NA group religiously??

    1. "Humph!"
      You said "humph!"
      The incredible sulk! Hahaha!
      But my mean jokes aside, you are adorable, as is your work. <3
      Ps: i dont think NA is helping.

    2. Oh go away you! Also you actually read my Blog? I can already hear the Hallelujah chorus! :P