Sunday, 14 July 2013

Writer's Block

Those of you who follow my Blog (ya I know wishful thinking) may or may not have noticed that I am a rather infrequent Blogger. On an average even doing one post a month is a great feat. Although this started out as a pass time hobby. I really enjoy writing my Blogposts. Its my very own Chicken Soup for the Soul.  The problem however is that mostly I just can't come up with topics that excite me, and even though in the past I have come up with some interesting topics, I have been struggling with a major writer's block. I haven't written a word, on either my Blog or the 3 books  I am working on for the last month.

So I am hoping my week long vacation to Shimla will be the ideal respite and I will hopefully start writing. The idea is to do at least one post each day about my vacation, if nothing else. The problem however is, since my life is only moderately exciting (read not at all) a post a day about my vacation will mean more fiction than reality, but then, really how will you know one from the other?

So here goes nothing. The decision to come to Shimla was taken about a month back, a week or so before my birthday, but something or the other kept coming up and I kept postponing the trip. Not to be deterred in the slightest by my evasiveness, my Masi (mum's sister), who raised me from the time I was a month till about 3, kept up the constat nagging about coming home. So finally I wrote the mail to my boss requesting leave. When I didn't hear back form him after 2 days, I finally sucked it up and went to him. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: George, you haven't replied to my mail.
George: Which one are you referring to? You send me enough mails.
Me (a little red faced): The one with the subject line, "Application for Leave".
George: hmm.. I seem to have missed it. Let me go back and see it, I reply to it.

2 hours later.....
Me: George, you still havent replied to the mail. I need to book my tickets!
George (In total "Dil Wale Dhulaniya Le Jayege's" Amrish Puri Fashion): Ya Go ahead and book your tickets! (In my mind it sounded eerily like: "Ja Simram Ja Jee Le Aapni Zinddagi!") 

Fast forward 3 days later and here I am sitting on the Old Delhi Railway Station, the train 3 and a half hour late and my mood down in the dumps. It is midnight, and I keep looking up ominously to a bunch of guys standing near by. One of them kicks a dog, and I am about to go kick his add before I realize I am alone and he is with 4 other guys. So taking a deep breath I send some daggers his way, make sure the dog is ok and go back to my book.

 I swear the Indian Railways have it against me! From spending 6 hours at the station one time, to spending 36 hours in the Mumbai Rajdhani (when it should only take 14), to sitting on the station for 3 hours while my train stood in front of me for an hour and went its merry way, without me being any the wiser. Me and the Indian Railways have a hate-hate relationship, and maybe one of the reasons I'm contemplating taking a job and running away to another country is just to get away from this ancient, sadistic, rustic, hulk of metal!!

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