Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Yellow Chappals

So this is an all time low. I'm sitting here thinking, I want to write a blogpost but I have absolutely no idea what I should write about.

In walks Ms. Ishani Banerjee to help me pick a topic. Her suggestions go something like this: Shoes, Colourful Socks, Smelly Feet, Pedicure, Why I hate a Pedicure! and well like any sane person I have her my best you-are-crazy-do-you-know-that-look and swung around my chair.

However after another hour of racking around my brain, I look down and suddenly notice my Yellow Puma Chappals! You see these particular pair is symbolic of a number of things:

1. These were the first pair of footwear I bought with my own hard-earned money.

2. The pair represents the time I stood up to mom since the chappals cost me 700 bucks and mum just could not understand how I (read anyone) could spend SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS on a pair of CHAPPALS! no matter how many times I repeated they were Puma Chapplals!

3. They were a very pretty Yellow colour with purple straps that remind me of sunshine. Yes I'm a girl and stuff like that's important to me, deal with it!

4. Ok I'm out of reasons why they are so damn special, so just take my word for it ok - they just are!

And well having said all that I still can't believe I wrote close to a 250 word blogpost about My Yellow Chappals! wow I really must be good at this! :P

And that my friends is what a blogpost looks like when you're at a lack of a suitable topic to write about.

So I thought anyone who had the patience to read that deserved to see my famed Yellow Chappals! :P

Friday, 15 June 2012


Asolare: A useful Italian verb meaning to spend your time in a delightful but useless way.

Perhaps by far the most useful thing I learnt in office. I mean yes I learnt a lot of more useful, non-meaningless stuff too, but the most interesting thing I learnt was: 


Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you have an exam - oh! wait i'm working now! I can finally say random things like or a really IMPORTANT presentation due the next morning, and you haven't begun working, what do you do? Me? I have stages:

Stage 1: existential crisis. What am I doing with my life?? Note to self: turn over all decision making power over your life to mom/bestfriend/random-guy-on-the-street, because you don't deserve any power-abuser!

Stage 2: 
Step 1: make myself a cup of coffee, the kind that you beat and that takes forever to make. 
Step 2: drink said coffee.
Step 3: feel like I can take on the world,ah the wonders of caffeine! 
Step 4: open laptop.
Step5: open a new word doc/ppt/exel sheet and stare at it for 5 minutes straight.
Step 6: feel the smile slowly slip off my lips.
Step7: browse through the contents of my laptop deleting super old files I have absolutely no use for.
Step 8: *accidentally* stumble on my vast collection of TV series/movies and put one on.. just until I can find the inspiration to work.

Stage 3: Look at the clock. Freak out, I just wasted 3 HOURS watching Criminal Minds! PANIC! and suddenly.. Inspiration strikes!

Stage 4: open a fresh word doc/ppt/excel sheet and put together the bloody best presentation if I may say so myself.

Stage 5: feel pretty smug. 

After all as Calvin says to Hobbes: Inspiration is not a faucet you can turn on at will. It requires a mood!
Hobbes: and what mood is that?
Calvin: Last Minute Panic!

And in my experience the more time I waste asolare-ing, the more panic will set in, and well my motto is why panic now, when you can hyperventilate later? 

Those were the best days of my Life

You see I did my Post Graduation in Advertising and PR from IIMC recently... i mean like im-still-waiting-on-the-final-results recently... and while there I lived in the hostel. So this was something I wrote for all my girls in the hostel and since I miss them so much and writing it again today here....
The hostel life at IIMC is fraught with midnight rants over presentations half done and 3 am hugs over jobs well done, a common TV room, curfew at 10 and individual or double occupancy rooms. At first glance the girl’s hostel seems like an idyllic place to call home for 9 short months. However the girl’s hostel at IIMC can be a tricky place to survive.
Hence we decided to bring to you the essential survival kit to make your stay here easier, better, happier. The first thing you need to remember is that the mess food is great! Swear by it. I mean it; where else can you find non vegetarian food several times a week? Admittedly cockroaches might not be your preferred source of meat but hey you can’t fault the folks for trying! However if there are those of you who are strictly vegetarian remember dominos, McDonalds, secular house and 24/7 are all great and will deliver to IIMC perpetually anytime.
Secondly the next time you are taking a hot shower and stressing over the amount your skull is flaking, look up and relax it’s probably just the ceiling falling because of the excessive amounts of seepage. However the important thing to remember, at times like these, is that you are under a HOT shower in the bitter winter of JNU, so just use some extra shampoo and be sure to rinse well.
Finally remember that the dogs outside the hostel will probably go away if you just throw any food you are carrying at them, but if that doesn’t help, just remember that they DO NOT bite, and you can probably anyways outrun most of them. Lastly remember the first floor of hostel block one is definitely not haunted, bells or nobels (pun intended).
However having said all that, the services the hostel has to offer are truly top notch and one of a kind, from 24/7 power back up and completely wi-fied hostels to best friends on call for a good cry and a tight hug in the middle of the night. This is also the place where we forge friendships for life, the ladies we meet here are truly exceptional in their own right and they enrich our lives by just being in them.
For all the services the hostel has to offer this would not have been home without each and everyone of you. So ladies take a bow, this one goes out to all of you!