Friday, 15 June 2012


Asolare: A useful Italian verb meaning to spend your time in a delightful but useless way.

Perhaps by far the most useful thing I learnt in office. I mean yes I learnt a lot of more useful, non-meaningless stuff too, but the most interesting thing I learnt was: 


Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you have an exam - oh! wait i'm working now! I can finally say random things like or a really IMPORTANT presentation due the next morning, and you haven't begun working, what do you do? Me? I have stages:

Stage 1: existential crisis. What am I doing with my life?? Note to self: turn over all decision making power over your life to mom/bestfriend/random-guy-on-the-street, because you don't deserve any power-abuser!

Stage 2: 
Step 1: make myself a cup of coffee, the kind that you beat and that takes forever to make. 
Step 2: drink said coffee.
Step 3: feel like I can take on the world,ah the wonders of caffeine! 
Step 4: open laptop.
Step5: open a new word doc/ppt/exel sheet and stare at it for 5 minutes straight.
Step 6: feel the smile slowly slip off my lips.
Step7: browse through the contents of my laptop deleting super old files I have absolutely no use for.
Step 8: *accidentally* stumble on my vast collection of TV series/movies and put one on.. just until I can find the inspiration to work.

Stage 3: Look at the clock. Freak out, I just wasted 3 HOURS watching Criminal Minds! PANIC! and suddenly.. Inspiration strikes!

Stage 4: open a fresh word doc/ppt/excel sheet and put together the bloody best presentation if I may say so myself.

Stage 5: feel pretty smug. 

After all as Calvin says to Hobbes: Inspiration is not a faucet you can turn on at will. It requires a mood!
Hobbes: and what mood is that?
Calvin: Last Minute Panic!

And in my experience the more time I waste asolare-ing, the more panic will set in, and well my motto is why panic now, when you can hyperventilate later? 


  1. so here is your comment- Tum Naice Ho!

    Also, damn funny post. always works for me!

  2. I like . I like . In my case , I might just end up staring at the desktop for a few minutes when I'm utterly lost . Then I have to catch my self to avoid appearing as the office idiot :P

    1. So glad U like :P lol. Yes thats tends to happen. in my case Ragini looks at me all disapprovingly and says: "Tere Pass Kuch Kaam Nahi Hai Na?" :P

  3. I am so happy to have inspired you to write this. Keep writing. You are very good! :) And of course...keep asolare-ing!

    1. I will :) thanks for the Inspiration Ms. Das! :)